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At the Grand Protector, we offer a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that provides valuable insights into various stocks. We understand that evaluating stocks can be overwhelming, so we have simplified the process.

First, we filter out the noise.

We start with the entire Stock Market and narrow down the selection to something manageable.
Total Number of Stocks7353
Number of Stocks with Options3976
Number of Weekly Options613
Number of Stocks AFTER filtering237

Then we organize the data to deliver a wealth of concise information at a glance.

Below are some of the things that we include in the data, and we are always updating based on member's feedback!

Analyst Data
We compile and analyze data from reputable financial analysts to give you an expert perspective on each stock’s potential performance.
Dividend Growth
We track the historical growth of dividends to identify stocks with a consistent track record of increasing dividend payouts.
We calculate beta against the S&P500 to check if the stock is more volatile than the market.
52-Week High and Low
We provide the 52-week high and low prices to show the stock’s price range over the past year.
Our Proprietary Rating System
And best of all, we have devised a rating system based on several technical factors, making it simpler for you to identify top-performing stocks.

Sample of Our Standard Data

sample stock

Our Premium Data

Is Filtered Excellence

Our exclusive premium data is meticulously curated for weekly options. Why? Because stocks with weekly options offer endless possibilities. You're not limited to trading them every week - you can customize your trading timeline, whether it's a month, a year, or even just 3 weeks. And here's the best part - we filter out anything that doesn't meet our high standards. By analyzing such things as volume, delta, and using our proprietary criteria system, we eliminate any subpar options so you can access top-quality data at your fingertips!

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